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About Plastic Waste

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Life below water gives us life above water...

Any ambition to “save our planet” that does not consider the vitality of our Oceans first, alone will simply not be potent enough to save our species from extinction. We need all categories of natural ecosystems to thrive with diversity and vitality, but we must not ignore the fact that the Ocean is by far the most dominating ecosystem there is. It covers more than 70% of our planets` surface and provides 1.332 billion cubic meters of pure habitat with the incomparably highest density of living organisms on earth.

The Ocean provides around two thirds of the oxygen we breathe and stores a truly important part of our carbon emissions which is sadly resulting in further acidification of seawater.

Only because of its capacity of absorbing and transporting heat this planet is finally inhabitable for human beings and many other species. It has in fact absorbed more than 90% of the global warming that happened over the last 50 years. We do see at what high cost this has happened looking at the vast destruction of coral and complex reef ecosystems all around the world.

The currents of the Ocean regulate the different climate regions on the planet and therefore further support diversity of flora and fauna which, as we know today also provides the foundation for some of our major sources of food. The Ocean is not only the initial source of all life on earth it is its most important protector as well. Looking at all of this one has to challenge the naming of this planet as planet “earth” since this is truly an aquatic planet.

Still, we misuse our Seas as dumpsites for waste, toxins and emissions having led to severe damage and imbalance within this crucial element of ecology.

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Leading the Way Into a Regenerative Future

A new world is taking shape: one that reconnects business with social and planetary health. Business is not only a platform for generating profits, but it can also re-generate value across the ecosystems in which it operates and where it is needed the most. A business can become ''regenerative'' by giving back X times more to socio-ecological systems than what it takes from them. By restoring health of the planet, we get to live on, individuals and communities.


Our vision is a global manufacturing industry with positive impact on the environment, communities and the planet. We aim to become a brand that enables plastic circularity on a global scale and drives positive change towards a regenerative future where our natural environment, individuals and communities enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.



Eliminating the Source of Ocean Plastic while Supporting People Getting Out of Poverty 

We are creating solution driven business models that serve all elements of our mission and vision supporting the regeneration of our Oceans, social balance and enable a circular economy.


Our company started focusing on finding a real and authentic solution to the troubling challenge of plastics ending up in and heavily contaminating the Oceans and food chains of countless species from the smallest to the largest mammals on earth. While it has been addressed in the public for years with many organizations collecting an abundance of funds apparently no sustainable solution has been found and the public attention is already moving on to other topics leaving the Ocean alone again choking on our left behinds.

Plastics are an inexorable part of our daily life. But that doesn’t mean plastic pollution needs to be. Closing the plastic cycle will require two significant changes: the first is replacing virgin material with recycled material wherever possible. The second is requiring an end-of-life plan for all plastic products.

This is where we as Free The Sea come into play: providing high-quality recycled plastic feedstock, rescued from ocean-bound environments, and designing circular products with our partners, including the world’s top brands.

We’ve developed new processes and technologies to create a more durable, cost-effective recycled compound that can be used beyond packaging and consumer products.


Now Free The Sea recycled resins are strong enough for applications in automotive, construction, and other industries. We’re one step closer to closing the plastic loop and eliminating the demand for virgin material.


If you want to become the impact leader in your industry, please contact us. 



Our Hollistic Impact

Free The Sea is a purpose-driven company. Our first established product segment focuses on recycling and upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste while creating long-lasting social and environmental impact in the region of the Riau Islands starting on the Island of Batam, Indonesia where we put in place our own plastic collection Ecosystem and upcycling infrastructure.


Free The Sea In Numbers






21 Million


We collaborate with Plastic Bank for the collection of plastic waste in Batam, Indonesia.

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