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Eliminating the Source of Ocean Plastic while Supporting People Getting Out of Poverty 

We are creating solution driven business models that serve all elements of our mission and vision supporting the regeneration of our Oceans, social balance and enable a circular economy.


Our company started focusing on finding a real and authentic solution to the troubling challenge of plastics ending up in and heavily contaminating the Oceans and food chains of countless species from the smallest to the largest mammals on earth. While it has been addressed in the public for years with many organizations collecting an abundance of funds apparently no sustainable solution has been found and the public attention is already moving on to other topics leaving the Ocean alone again choking on our left behinds.

Plastics are an inexorable part of our daily life. But that doesn’t mean plastic pollution needs to be. Closing the plastic cycle will require two significant changes: the first is replacing virgin material with recycled material wherever possible. The second is requiring an end-of-life plan for all plastic products.

This is where we as Free The Sea come into play: providing high-quality recycled plastic feedstock, rescued from ocean-bound environments, and designing circular products with our partners, including the world’s top brands.

We’ve developed new processes and technologies to create a more durable, cost-effective recycled compound that can be used beyond packaging and consumer products.


Now Free The Sea recycled resins are strong enough for applications in automotive, construction, and other industries. We’re one step closer to closing the plastic loop and eliminating the demand for virgin material.


If you want to become the impact leader in your industry, please contact us. 

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