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We are a purpose-driven company focusing on regenerating and restoring our socio-ecological systems starting from our island ''Batam'' in Indonesia.

Let us explain how we create geniune value...

Environmental Impact

Located only 20 km from Singapore, Batam is a very small but busy island in Indonesia. It is part of the Riau Islands Archipelago. Batam is considered as a major center of economic development. Significant increase in investment has resulted in overpopulation, overexploitation, and increase of domestic and industrial waste. As a result of increased land-pollution coupled with weaker waste management infrastructure, communities & environment as a whole suffer and degrade. 

To solve the plastic waste problem on the island, we focus on creating local waste management infrastructures in communities. The goal is pretty straightforward - incentivize the collection of plastic waste. We partnered up ​

Plastic Bank - social enterprise that is helping the world stop ocean plastic while improving the lives communities.

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, ocean-bound plastic is collected by community members directly from households, neighborhoods, beaches and riverbanks in Batam, Indonesia.

We also collaborate with local businesses to collect & recycle single-used plastics.

Social Impact

We care about our oceans as much as we care about our  communities. At Free The Sea, we believe it is our duty to be involved in the local communities by providing asistance to those who are in need. 

This is why we focus on creating sustainable income streams by paying above-market price for our collected plastic materials, and providing other life-improving benefits such as increased income, work insurance, groceries, mobile phone, tablet and internet data. (In partnership with Plastic Bank)

Without our local community members, we cannot FREE THE SEA.

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While we create businesses and products that already have a truly regenerative impact by themselves, we do not want to stop here.

The Ocean is under stress from various angles, and it is our determination to authentically work and strive to “Free The Sea”. Therefore we do not only support authentic projects and NGOs that are making a difference on top of our own operations, we also do create projects that are not yet directly linked to our running operations that we feel are vital and necessary.

Stay tuned to learn more about our Mangrove Afforestation & protection area where we plan to plant 40.000 seedlings to regenerate a Mangrove ecosystem.  

Image by Waranont (Joe)
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