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Having evolved from an industrial background Free The Sea is taking advantage of great professional experience in the area of the most impactful human activities which is defined by the relationship of manufacturing and consumption ever since the industrial revolution.

Free The Sea is disrupting the paradigms of this relationship by pushing the economy back into a place where it becomes part of a positive contribution to the natural world and society as human activity used to be a healthy part of ecology most of the time during our short presence on this planet and the industry is in great debt towards the underprivileged.



Free The Sea has three elements;

First, we understand ourselves as a circular economy accelerator changing the way we look at products. In a closed system like our planet no material should ever become waste. Within this logic, any product is only an interim state of its material already destined for a second, third and more lives to come. Customers, formerly also known as consumers, have an important role and interest in keeping the material in the loop. As a result, no material without biological value should ever end up in the natural environment.
Secondly all our business models are and will be designed in a way that has a positive impact on our Oceans` health and recovery both directly and indirectly.
Third we are aiming to support and involve people in need in our global operations in a way that empowers them to break the vicious circle of the situation they are in. We see a direct correlation between poverty and environmental decay in many areas of society and we aim to provide empowering support and alternatives.

Planet Made of Plastic


We are creating solution driven business models that serve all elements of our mission and vision supporting the regeneration of our Oceans, social balance and enable a circular economy.

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